The Ultimate Onboarding Guide

The Ultimate Onboarding Guide

Getting started with Rock? Follow along if you want to learn more about spaces and getting the most out of messaging, tasks, notes, files and meetings. This guide helps you avoid common roadblocks and learn more about all the functionality that Rock has in store for you and your team.

All-in-one communication and collaboration

Rock allows you to invite anyone to join you. Seamlessly communicate and collaborate with team members, partners, volunteers or clients in one place. Everyone can make use of messages, tasks, notes, files and meetings in every space they join.

Create unlimited 1:1 and groups spaces for free. When creating a group space you can also use template spaces to save yourself some time. Check out this dedicated product guide on creating your first spaces, inviting people and using template spaces for more information!

You might have noticed a few different spaces when creating your account: Rock Team, your personal space and even an "All hands" space if you signed up with a corporate domain.

Space settings can sometimes be tweaked if you want to further personalize your workspaces.  This handy product guide compiles all you need to know about using different spaces, modifying settings and personalizing your set-up, permissions, space description and more!

Messaging in Rock 💬

Messaging is key to stay in touch with your team. Rock provides full-fledged messaging functionality for free so you can seamlessly communicate with anyone, both in- and outside of your organization.

Anyone can send unlimited messages when joining a space. Additionally, the messaging interface is rich in features to take your conversations to the next level. Upgrade your communication by using reactions, threads, @mention anything and set aside.

You can also use the search function in every space to retrieve messages, tasks, notes or files that have been sent.

Task management in Rock

Tasks in Rock help you stay productive and organized. By dividing goals into smaller pieces, you can make your work less stressful. Think of tasks as the stepping stones to your end goal. These "stepping stones" allow you to streamline workflows and focus on what is important.

Every space comes with a tasks mini-app with different views. This way you can more easily manage any project or workflow. Tasks can also be managed across spaces with the My Tasks and Set Aside panels. First time using tasks or want to learn more about tasks in Rock? Check out our dedicated product guide series on using tasks in Rock.

Notes in Rock 📝

Documentation is key when dealing with a lot of information and different projects. Especially if you are working remotely. Notes allow you to write down and retrieve important information from meetings, projects, workflows and more. Notes can be accessed in every space, or in the My Notes panel if you want to browse notes across spaces.

Enjoy full documentation functionality in every note with rich text features, and modify or update information when needed. Every note in Rock also comes with a comment section, so you can keep note-related discussions in one place.

Integrations in Rock

Rock has a wide variety of integrations that should make getting work done, and collaborating with others more convenient. Make sure to check out the files and meetings mini-apps when getting started.

Share information with the files mini-app 📂

Besides uploading files to Rock, you can also to integrate your favorite storage providers. Rock has free integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Smartsheet, Adobe Creative Cloud and soon Figma!

Adding dedicated folders to your spaces saves everyone time. No need to go folder searching or link sharing anymore. Connect relevant folder to spaces to make information more accessible. This way anyone can quickly and conveniently find important documents.

Meetings in every space 🖥️

Every space in Rock has a meetings mini-app so you can connect in more synchronous ways. You can use Zoom, Jitsi and soon Google Meets to start meetings in any space.

Use virtual meetings when something can't be organized or solved with messages, tasks, notes or files. The meetings mini-app allows you to conveniently to jump on a call, answer a complicated question or to get started without having to dig for the correct link.

Rock across devices 📱

You can bring Rock along on a variety of devices. Besides the web version there are mobile apps for both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Additionally, you can also download the desktop version of the App if you want to keep Rock close at all times. Desktop apps make work easier as you don't have to search across different web tabs or pages to find Rock. Instead, you can open Rock in a dedicated application. The desktop app is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

We also provide free onboarding and support for any team that is getting started with Rock. Feel free to reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support space or send us an email to We support most major languages and try to respond as fast as we can.