Product Guide: Sprints

Product Guide: Sprints

Using sprints can be beneficial when work is completed in cycles. Whether you have a backlog to work through, a challenging milestone to reach or a project to finish, sprints can help you collaborate more effectively.

Sprints are integrated in the tasks mini-app. This allows you to walk away from busy excel sheets or discussions that do not easily connect with your collaboration flow. With different task views integrated with your messaging, files and notes mini-app you will be able to more easily reach any milestone, roadmap or project that you are trying to work through.

Sprints are a feature within the tasks mini-app available to all PRO and Teams users. In case you would like to make use of them check out our pricing page! Check out this short guide for more information on creating your very own sprints on Rock and managing your work more effectively!

Step 1️⃣: Choose an existing team space or create a new one where you want to use sprints.

Make sure the space has been upgraded to PRO. You can only enable spaces to PRO if they are a team space. You can always decide to collaborate with just 1 person or by yourself in a team space by not adding any other members.

Rock Tip 🤘: you can pick from a variety of templates when creating a new team space, pick one that best fits your project or workflow.

Step 2️⃣: Update the different list names in case you need to adjust them to your project.

Step 3️⃣: Create a task and select "Add sprint" (activity only enabled in PRO or Teams spaces).

Step 4️⃣: Name your sprint to create a new sprint or add the task to an already existing sprint

Step 5️⃣: If you are creating a new sprint, set the time frame where the activity happens. After setting the start and end date you can select "create sprint" for a new sprint to be added to the dropdown menu.

Step 6️⃣: Continue adding tasks to a sprint or create more sprints if your project requires so.

Check out this video for a short walkthrough in creating your very first sprint on Rock!

Following up on your sprints

In addition to creating sprints it should also be easy for you to keep track of the activities done within them. Rock has four convenient filtering options to keep track of and manage your different sprints:

  • All tasks: This view provides no filtering on sprints, and will display all tasks that have been created in a space and not archived.
  • All tasks with sprint: Filter to view only those tasks that have been assigned to a sprint. This can help you focus on what needs to get done within your established time-frames.
  • All tasks without sprint: Have some tasks that did not make the cut in the last sprint programming? You can easily find them back by filtering your space for all tasks without a sprint.
  • Individual sprints: Individual sprints will be displayed at the bottom of the view. When selecting one your task board will update itself to only show the tasks within that specific sprint. If you have many different sprints you can use the search bar on top to find a specific sprint back.
📝*Note that any task that has been archived will not appear in the board view, even when filtered on a specific sprint.

Reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support space if you still have any questions about activating, creating or managing Sprints in Rock.