Product Guide: Recurring Tasks

Product Guide: Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks make it easier to manage daily check-ins, weekly reports, monthly invoices, or any other repeating activity. No need to remind yourself as tasks automatically get recreated within time frames chosen by you.

Recurring tasks are part of the PRO and Teams plans, if you would like to make use of them you should upgrade a space to PRO. Check out our pricing page for more information on the PRO plan.

Creating your recurring tasks 🔁

For the recurring tasks feature to appear you first have to set a due date to the task you want repeated. After a due date is set the recurring tasks icon will appear to the right of the due date.

Time intervals ⏰

After pressing the recurring tasks icon you can choose in what time interval you want your tasks to be created:

  • Daily: Create a new task every day, you can choose whether you want this process to continue for weekends or not by pressing the checkbox. Lastly, you have to select what list you want these tasks to be created in.
  • Weekly: Tasks are repeated for certain days of the week. This is handy if you have an activity that happens only a few days a week (e.g. create a task on Mondays and Wednesdays). After selecting the days you have to choose what list you want these tasks to be created in.
  • Monthly: With the monthly option you can program your recurring tasks to appear on a certain day of the month, for example if the same invoice request happens once a month you can just create a recurring task for it. Once the day is selected you can choose what list these tasks should be created in.

📝 Note that the task must be moved out of the list (e.g. backlog) before it recurs into the list so you can do the task again. Moving the task past due date will result in the direct movement of the same task to your chosen list.

Reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support space if you still have any questions about activating, creating or managing recurring tasks in Rock.