Product Guide: PRO plan and spaces

Product Guide: PRO plan and spaces

The PRO plan on Rock includes advanced features such as custom fields, recurring tasks, sprints, webhooks, and a Zapier integration. This product guide will share everything you need to know about upgrading your account, how PRO works, and managing your different PRO spaces.

Upgrading your account to PRO

Interested in the different features within the PRO plan? Follow these short steps to upgrade your account and get access to PRO.

  • Step 1: Access your user settings by pressing your user image in the top left corner.
  • Step 2: Press "Free Plan" in the menu on the left.
  • Step 3: Select "Upgrade Account" under the PRO plan, you can decide either here or in the next panel whether you want your payment plan to be billed annually or monthly.
  • Step 4: Make sure the payments are made in the correct installments: monthly or annually.
  • Step 5: Press "Confirm and pay" which will forward you to the payments page.
  • Step 6: fill in your card information through Stripe and upgrade your account to PRO

📝 Note that you can also access the account upgrade panel when you try to use PRO features that are not enabled on free accounts in a space you are an admin in.

Check out this short video below to see the steps to upgrade your account to PRO in action.

Upgrading and Managing Your PRO Spaces 🚀

Some PRO features can only be used in spaces that you upgrade to PRO. PRO accounts can have up to 10 upgraded spaces at the same time. Upgrading a space means that PRO functionalities will be enabled for all members within the space that has been upgraded, regardless of their membership plan. Both 1:1 and group spaces can be upgraded to PRO

Each PRO space includes:

PRO spaces can be upgraded from the "space settings panel". To upgrade a space you have to press upgrade in "Space Features" and then press the button that says "Change to PRO".

If you are not able to convert a space to PRO make sure to check for the following:

  • You need to be an admin of that space
  • You still have PRO space quota on your account (all PRO account get total quota of 20 at the beginning)
  • The space you are trying to upgrade must be a team space

You will know a space has successfully been upgraded to PRO by checking the Pro badge in the top of your space next to the space image or by going to "Space Details". You can also find all your PRO spaces back in your Settings.

Managing your PRO spaces

You can downgrade spaces once you don't require the added PRO functionality anymore in your user settings. You can also see which specific spaces are currently upgraded to PRO. This allows you to pick and choose which spaces you want to upgrade or downgrade depending on new projects, teams, partnerships or clients.

Check out this short video below to learn more about managing your PRO spaces.

Reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support space if you still have any questions about activating or managing your PRO account in Rock.