Product Guide: Importing Tasks From Trello

Product Guide: Importing Tasks From Trello

No need to manually move your Trello tasks into Rock with a handy import feature available in every space. Follow along to learn more about how to export task boards from Trello and import them into your Rock spaces.

How to export a task board out of Trello?

The export feature in Trello is available to all board members, including observers. You can access the feature under the Board Menu > More > Print and Export.

You can export your task board either in CSV (if you have a paid Trello account) or JSON, but only imports from JSON are currently supported by Rock.

Export with JSON: Exporting a task board in JSON is available for all plans. When you press export a new tab will open in your browser. Save this page as a file on your device by right clicking (make sure no text is selected) and selecting save file to add it to your device.

How to import a Trello task board in the Tasks mini-app?

The import from Trello feature can be accessed in an empty tasks mini-app by selecting Import. This option can currently only be accessed in the compact and expanded views.

Alternatively, you can also also import tasks by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the Tasks mini-app (available in every view). Note that you need to have admin permissions in the space for the feature to appear.

This option is available both when a space is empty or when the space is already populated by one or more tasks.

After selecting import tasks > Trello a new panel opens up. Select Choose File to upload your exported file. Rock currently only supports import from JSON file format.

You can add custom labels to imported tasks by adding a label in the panel on selecting an already existing label if the space is already populated by tasks. All tasks in the import will have the added label once added to the space.

πŸ“ Note: the imported task board adds new lists to your already existing workflow. You can always move tasks around when imported and re-organize your lists.

The following task information is carried over when importing tasks:

  • List names
  • Task titles
  • Labels
  • Task descriptions
  • Checklists
  • Start and due dates
  • Custom fields (you won’t be able to edit them if the space has not been changed to PRO)

Tasks with attachments or images in the description will have a link added to the description so you can still access your files, if you want to attach them as actual files you will have to reupload them to the task.

Importing a task board from 'My Account'

In addition to importing tasks through the Tasks mini-app in every space, you can also import them from your user settings panel.

Import tasks into existing workflows by going to My Account settings panel > Import > Import from Trello.

In addition to uploading a file and adding labels to your import, you can also select any space to import the tasks to.

Questions about importing task boards from Trello? Reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support Space for any questions or feedback you might have.